The National Sentinel is a collective of former military, intelligence, and public service individuals who have come together for the sole purpose of helping President Trump and real Republicans take down the Deep State who have become a power and entity unto themselves — above retribution, above accountability, and definitely above the law.

Most Americans go through life without ever giving these people a thought…because they are busy trying to raise kids, make a living, enjoy themselves, etc. But in the background, the ‘untouchables’ are working with globalists around the world — mostly the Western world — plotting, scheming, and planning how to take over more of the world while limiting the rights of as many free people as possible.

America stands in the way of their grand scheme — global domination. They can’t realize their goals and objectives as long as the United States remains a free constitutional republic. They are working hard to convince as many Americans as they can to surrender their liberties via socialist/Marxist ideals. They don’t give a damn about liberty; in fact, they abhor it. Individual freedom is the enemy of globalist authoritarianism.

They were doing pretty well, making some good progress, until Donald Trump upset their plans. And now they are doing literally everything they can short of taking him out (read into that what you will) to get rid of him…and he is battling these scumbags ever single day.

The Democrat Party is the Garbage Party. It’s members are taking the lead in this assault against American republicanism. They are evil; they are liars; they are scammers; they are literally the lowest forms of life. And they would take lives as well as liberties if they could get away with it.

Trump won’t let them get away with it. He is our ace in the hole. He literally is the George Washington of our time. If he had lost the 2016 election and Hillary Clinton would have won, it’s hard telling where our country would be today. The criminal Obama got us started down the road to servitude (funny that a black guy would want to see fellow Americans enslaved); Hillary may have completed the task.

We here at The National Sentinel are not about to sit back and just watch this all unfold while doing nothing to help expose it.

Our method is in-your-face conservatism. Big boy conservatism. “Up yours” conservatism. We don’t have time to be polite anymore. And we’re not going to be.

So if this kind of approach offends your sensibilities, okay.

If you can’t understand just how dire the situation is, that’s fine too. Just step aside and let patriots do what they must to help Donald Trump and his few allies in D.C. beat back the most sinister threat to our country since it was founded.

Or join us and help spread the word about our site and its purpose.

Consider us part of the modern-day 3 percenters of the American Revolution; those few who stepped the fuck up and took on authoritarianism.

And won.

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