Male student backhands myth of ‘toxic masculinity,’ warns about real threat of toxic feminism

Professor told to ‘leave campus’ because he is white just scored a HUGE legal victory

Leftist prof says concern over climate change ‘causing anxiety’ over our future, but really, blame the hoaxers

Left-leaning prof and constitutional expert Jonathan Turley BURNS Nadler, Dems over Barr contempt charge

First Confederates and now the founders: Students demand removal of Thomas Jefferson statue at Hofstra

Wow: Students now being EXPELLED from schools for ‘wrong’ views on transgenderism

Student attacks against teachers rise to a record 220,300 as Dem-led public education collapse continues

Inmates will run the asylum: Calif. Senate just voted to BAN schools from suspending students for ‘willful defiance’

Academic lunacy: University of Missouri chancellor rejects, condemns notion that men are NOT women

They never give up: Leftist running ‘dark money’ campaign to get Justice Kavanaugh removed from teaching post

Epic stupidity: Liberal professor claims the very concept of “time” is now RACIST

Those two female students who live-streamed harassment of Border Patrol agents? They’re being charged

Prof suing university after being fired for saying young children should NOT undergo ‘gender dysphoria’ treatment

Here’s proof Muslim student groups in universities are actually terrorism recruitment fronts for ISIS

Trump admin seeks to uproot Obama-era numbers-only bias test widely used across America

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