Tucker: Antifa has support of ‘respectable Left’ as group factions call for more ‘direct action’ following Tacoma ICE attack

Massive rally of conservatives, Proud Boys being planned in Portland after Antifa beating of journalist Andy Ngo

Dershowitz: Trump admin needs to step up against rising Left-wing violence

CNN continues to serve as Antifa’s propaganda network after more than 15 journalists have been assaulted by its members

Portland mayor claims he didn’t order cops to ‘stand down’ in face of Antifa; Andy Ngo’s lawyer blasts him

Antifa planning to use acid in attacks on conservatives at D.C. speech rally?

U.S. ambassador Grenell calls on Justice Department to probe violent Antifa attack on indy journalist in Portland: This is domestic terrorism

FBI probing armed far-Left Antifa plot to disrupt U.S.-Mexico border in attempt to spark anti-government rebellion

Time to declare ANTIFA a terrorist organization after attempted assassination of German politician

Antifa testing ‘no-go zones’ in U.S. similar to those imposed by radical Muslims in Europe

Unlike Antifa, the FBI says Proud Boys is NOT a domestic terrorist group

POTUS issues stern warning to far-Left Antifa thugs: They had better watch themselves before they get hurt

Former NYPD chief Bernard Kerik calls on POTUS Trump to declare Antifa a domestic terrorist group

Tucker Carlson on Antifa mob that descended on his home: ‘This is not allowed’

Fake news media blaming Trump’s “violent rhetoric” for phony “bombs” though it is Dems who have actually called for violence

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