Spending Bill

POTUS Trump vows: No infrastructure bill for Dems as long as they continue their witch hunt probes

Businessman to POTUS: ‘Get red tape out of the way and I can build 234 miles of wall for $1.4 billion’

Limbaugh: ‘Message behind budget deal is to separate Trump from his supporters’

McConnell: Trump will sign govt. funding bill AND declare national emergency to secure wall funding

White House to Dems on pitiful border security bill: ‘Which of your districts should we release criminal aliens?’

Next govt. shutdown looms as congressional talks over border wall break down

Are Congress and the White House close to a border fencing deal?

U.S. CENTCOM commander praises ‘very effective’ taxpayer-funded border security…in Jordan

Fear and loathing on the border: Americans say they fear turning in cartels over retaliation

Folksy La. Sen. Kennedy to Pelosi: ‘Call the border wall a wangdoodle if that works for you’

Nancy Pelosi triples down on ‘no money’ for border wall, but Trump won’t need her permission — or national emergency — to build it

CNN interview of ‘furloughed federal workers’ brought on to bash Trump doesn’t go as planned

Flashback: That time Democrats in Congress voted to secure Mexico’s border with Guatemala

Govt. report says Trump has legal authority to order Pentagon to build border wall without emergency declaration, Congress

If border walls are ‘immoral’ like Nancy Pelosi says, are all of these countries ‘immoral’ too?

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