Spending Bill

Dems rebelling against Pelosi’s ‘never wall’ stance: ‘We’re going to have to add additional border security’

It’s official: The Democrat government shutdown has now cost Americans MORE than border wall request

Here we go: Left-wing media now blaming ‘Trump shutdown’ for starving school children

LIES: Pelosi claims ‘food stamps,’ ‘farm subsidies’ not being paid because of Trump, but they ARE

Democrat SHAME: See how much POTUS Trump’s border wall will cost every working American

Here we go again: NEW migrant caravan forming in Central America

GOP lawmakers introduce bill to ensure law enforcement, ‘essential personnel,’ get paid during shutdown

GOP majority oversaw massive increase in national debt of almost $8 trillion while ignoring POTUS Trump’s budget cuts

Dem response to POTUS Trump’s immigration address will be nothing but BS — Here’s why

‘Economics major’ Ocasio-Cortez will vote NO on House rules requiring ‘pay as you go’

Nikki Haley: No one in Congress should be paid during shutdown

Of course: House Dems slip abortion language into spending bill but no money for border wall

Kellyanne Conway smacks Pelosi over posh Hawaii vacay during shutdown: ‘Less hula, more moolah’ for DHS

POTUS Trump made sure the Coast Guard got paid during shutdown while Dems left town

Nancy Pelosi spotted at expensive Hawaii hotel as POTUS Trump remained in DC over Christmas

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