Gun Control

Texas border county becomes latest ‘gun sanctuary’ in pushback against Democrat gun control efforts

Virginia Beach cover-up: Victim killed by fired co-worker wanted to be armed for protection

Left-wing tech companies continue using economic terrorism and discrimination against firearms industry

Dems introduce “Disarm Hate Act” they would use to take guns away from ALL Trump supporters

Demystifying the AR-15: Why it’s such a great weapon for self-defense

Cory Booker flat-out LIED about toy guns being more regulated that real ones

2020 Dem gun grabbers, beware: At least 650,000 ticked off, armed American rebels await your confiscation

The best concealed carry argument EVER: Federal judge rules police have NO duty to protect you

NRA crowd HAILS Trump after he announces he is ditching Obama’s UN gun control treaty

Defense against tyranny? Not a single ‘illegal’ firearm magazine turned into New Jersey state police after 10-round ban

Bill that turns gun owners into criminals overnight passes in Oregon Senate: Gun sanctuaries likely to EXPLODE around the country

When it comes to our guns, Democrats, ‘Molon Labe’

Federal judge reverses his REVERSAL of “high capacity” magazine ban following a massive buying spree by California gun owners

Of course: Dems sneak GUN control into ‘Violence Against Women Act’ reauthorization — to beat up GOP

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