Spreading disrespect: Four Ann Arbor, Mich. city council members ‘take a knee’ during Pledge of Allegiance to protest — what else? — President Trump and our country

Democrat claims some Republicans want to impeach Trump

Hillary Clinton calls TRUMP a ‘sex assaulter’ while shrugging off her husband’s serial sexual assaults

ESPN suspends racialist broadcaster and the Left is apoplectic

Study finds Americans more polarized than EVER

Memo to the president: DON’T fall for Dem gun control or you’ll lose your base

Once again, Paul Ryan proves why he’s a better Democrat than a Republican

Democrats waste NO time politicizing Las Vegas shooting in quest to ban ALL guns

Insurgency: GOP establishment loses primary in Alabama on same day they concede ‘defeat’ on Obamacare repeal

This is socialism: Venezuela collapse so bad doctors, teachers turn to prostitution just to eat

Mad Maxine still trying to get Trump impeached, this time over his NFL comments

Document dump: Legal watchdog uncovers MORE classified emails Hillary didn’t turn over

The Left keeps saying ‘hate speech’ – we don’t think they know what that means

In Trump We Trust

Most California Democrats don’t think conservatives should have freedom of speech

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