Special Counsel

Subpoena happy: Dems consider forcing Robert Mueller to testify as GOP members rail against the machine

RINO Alert: GOP Rep. Amash empowers Democrats by ‘concluding’ that POTUS Trump committed ‘impeachable offenses’

Nunes calls Mueller report the ‘Mueller dossier’ and a ‘fantasy’ because it relied largely on manufactured fake news

BOMBSHELLS: Nunes says Strzok-Page ‘insurance policy’ part of original FISA spy application and exculpatory evidence exists for Papadopoulos (Video)

Running for cover? Rosenstein BLASTS Comey as ‘political partisan’ who ‘crossed bright lines’

Robert Mueller used ‘hired guns’ for his report: Who were they?

Lindsey Graham: FBI knew Christopher Steele was ‘on Dem Party payroll’ as he tried to derail Trump candidacy

Nunes smells a rat: Lawmaker demands docs from CIA, NSA, State Dept., after casting DOUBT about Mueller report’s findings regarding Mifsud

Sen. Graham invites Robert Mueller to testify but only on one condition, and it’s GENIUS

AG Barr refuses to back off ‘spying’ claim to describe what Obama did to the 2016 Trump campaign; why aren’t Dems concerned about the act instead?

Here’s what you REALLY need to know about Mueller’s ‘disagreement’ letter to AG Barr

Lindsey Graham refutes Judge Napolitano’s claim that Mueller report implicates Trump in obstruction: ‘He’s 100 percent wrong’

Graham: Dems will ‘stampede’ to impeach POTUS Trump now that Mueller ‘cleared’ him

Let’s go to the video: Nancy Pelosi’s massive hypocrisy regarding the Mueller report EXPOSED (Video)

Lewandowski: ‘No, POTUS did NOT ask me to fire Mueller’ (Video)

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