Even ‘U.S.-style socialism’ fails: Residents flee New York, Chicago and San Francisco due to non-sustainable economics

‘Queen’ Kamala would use govt. to force Americans to ‘change their behavior’ due to ‘climate change’

Clueless Ocacio-Cortez bashes ‘capitalism’ at a capitalist-centric tech event in Austin

Top Trump economic adviser Kudlow: ‘I Want You To Put Socialism on Trial and Convict It’

The numbers are in: Trump’s economy grew most last year since 2005

Clown show: Elizabeth ‘Fauxcohontas’ Warren touts ‘climate change,’ ‘student loan debt’ as ‘national emergencies’ on late-night TV

Rep. Ilhan Omar can’t even get basic math correct in her criticism of McDonald’s CEO at House hearing

Like Obama lied about Obamacare, Ocasio-Cortez advisor caught LYING about her ‘Green New Deal’ plan

What Democratic Rep. Ilhan Omar and her fellow socialists get wrong about…socialism

Panera Bread’s ‘pay what you can’ socialist program ends in abject failure as freeloaders cause stores to go broke

Venezuelan Debbie D’Souza: Dems following SAME socialist plan as Hugo Chavez

As POTUS Trump’s policies create record job growth, Dems’ push to force higher minimum wages will undo those gains

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