Betsy Ross was a strong, progressive woman in her day, so why is the Left attacking her legacy?

Public education in America has sunk so low it is now nearly indistinguishable from pedophilia indoctrination

SWAT-style raid on Christian school at center of lawsuit as California demands they teach sexual exploitation or be closed

SICK: California middle schools now teaching 10-year-olds how to put on condoms, engage in sodomy, and use sex toys

Professor told to ‘leave campus’ because he is white just scored a HUGE legal victory

Finally, a solution: Fla. Gov. DeSantis signs bill that allows teachers to be armed

Another Drag Queen Story Hour pervert exposed as a sex offender; why are public schools subjecting our children to these deviants?

Wow: Students now being EXPELLED from schools for ‘wrong’ views on transgenderism

Student attacks against teachers rise to a record 220,300 as Dem-led public education collapse continues

Inmates will run the asylum: Calif. Senate just voted to BAN schools from suspending students for ‘willful defiance’

‘Bubblegum Socialism’ is no laughing matter

UC Berkeley Police arrest thug who attacked, beat conservative on campus

Growing Number of Schools Arming Themselves With Defense Budgets, Including Armed Teachers

School shooting commission deemed to be far more concerned about political correctness

Democrats still want government to control your kids, but now at an earlier age

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