As Kamala Harris and Obama prove, Democrats have to lie in order to get you to believe their healthcare proposals

Huge demographic shifts over last decade putting Dems on defense in 2020 House races

Immigrant GOP businesswoman to challenge Ocasio-Cortez for her NY seat

‘Women for Trump’ rally kicks off in Pennsylvania: ‘Four more years!’

Judicial Watch victory: Kentucky will now remove 250,000 names from outdated voter registration rolls

CHILLING: Elizabeth Warren threatens immigration agents with ‘task force’ that will hold them ‘accountable’

Internal Democrat poll reveals that the Ocasio-Cortez and her ‘squad’ are destroying party’s chances of winning swing states in 2020

Support for impeaching POTUS Trump falls AGAIN leaving infighting Dems with little to campaign for ahead of 2020

Graham says Democrat infighting between Pelosi, AOC, far-Left faction will lead to GOP House majority in 2020

Just who is going to clean up the nation’s outdated, over-counted voting rolls ahead of the 2020 election?

Survey says: Most ‘swing’ voters, independents OPPOSE free healthcare for illegal aliens

Biden vows to resurrect the very worst aspect of Obamacare: The individual mandate and…fines (Video)

‘Reluctant witnesses’ in FISA abuse probe agree to talk, delaying DoJ IG Horowitz’s final report further

Obama’s DHS secretary blasts Dems’ open borders proposals: ‘That is unwise, unworkable’

Bernie Sanders’ health plan will make poor families POORER: Analysis

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