What shutdown? Stock market hits another record under POTUS Trump in January

POTUS Trump dings Obama over stellar manufacturing numbers: ‘Magic wand?’

Most House RINOs who signed cheap-labor ‘Discharge Amnesty’ gone in January

More Americans employed than ever as Trump economy continues breaking records

U.S. manufacturing so good factories are turning to high school students for labor

Winning: Wage growth rises the most in a decade, thanks to POTUS Trump and GOP

Tariffs are NOT hurting: U.S. steelworkers see highest wage growth in years

No, POTUS Trump’s steel tariffs are not costing the U.S. jobs

WaPo, NYTimes BOTH hail POTUS Trump’s fast-growing economy

And in other news: Jobless claims under POTUS Trump fall AGAIN to post-1969 low

POTUS Trump will soon make it EASIER for Americans to retire with more MONEY

Study: Left-wing claims that ‘immigrants do jobs American’s WON’T do’ is a MYTH

MLK’s niece: ‘I have a dream’ speech is coming TRUE

100 manufacturers have increased hiring, given bonuses or raises since TRUMP/GOP tax reform

Great again! Trump, GOP Tax cuts fuel RECORD job growth, optimism among small businesses for ALL Americans

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