Executive Branch

Russia helped Trump? No, Ukraine helped CLINTON

Memo to Mexico: Americans are not concerned about making YOUR country ‘great again’

Justice Dept. inspector general to investigate FBI, DoJ pre-election behavior

No, America, Obama isn’t going away after he leaves office

Report: Trump Defense pick Mattis, transition team differ over Pentagon officials

Trump to CNN reporter: ‘You are fake news’

Sailor invoking ‘Hillary Clinton defense’ over conviction in classified intelligence case

Fascist fanatics claiming Trump is a fascist fanatic are planning riots for his inauguration

Obama signs massive land grab in Nevada and Utah near Bundy ranch, setting up another potential clash as he leaves office

Assange: Obama administration destroying records ‘now’; offers reward for whistleblowers

Report: Obama paid Iranians more than $10 billion; intentionally deflated amount

‘Drain the swamp’: Federal workers now worrying about THEIR jobs as Trump, GOP, promise to reduce federal red tape

Obama’s pardon frenzy one last move to leave behind legacy of chaos

Obama trashes 10th Amendment again by taking over state balloting systems

Trump advisor Conway to Biden: ‘Thanks: Your failed policies helped usher in Trump era’

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