Secretary of State

Exposed: Dem leader Hoyer worked with Obama State Dept. on docs provided by Christopher Steele

Nunes smells a rat: Lawmaker demands docs from CIA, NSA, State Dept., after casting DOUBT about Mueller report’s findings regarding Mifsud

Venezuelan crisis: Maduro was preparing to flee the country until Russia intervened, says Pompeo

Pompeo to Philippines: U.S. will honor mutual defense treaty if attacked by China

U.S.-North Korea relations thaw amid easing of some UN sanctions, talk of new summit

State Dept. mocks McGurk’s claim he left ‘on principle;’ says ‘he should have been gone’ earlier this year

Dershowitz: Ivanka Trump’s use of personal email acct. a NON-issue

Pompeo BLASTS Sen. Menendez for blocking diplomatic appointments after complaining WH hasn’t filled positions

Welfare for refugees cost taxpayers nearly $100 billion: Report

Pompeo’s message to Deep State: ‘If you’re not on POTUS’ team, get out’

America first: Trump admin caps refugee admissions at record-low 30,000

Disgusting! Obama and Hillary FIRED Benghazi heroes in Germany after 13-hour assault (Video)

FINALLY: Trump State Dept. cutting aid to anti-American Palestinians

SecState Pompeo makes liberal heads EXPLODE when he drops this TRUTH BOMB about Russian election meddling

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