State Department

Battle raging within Trump admin over Iranian nuclear waivers as regime continues its work on the bomb and Congress hampers POTUS

Pompeo meets with CENTCOM over Iran as anti-Semite and America hater Ilhan Omar blames the U.S. (and Trump) for tanker attacks

Hero SEAL Dan Crenshaw smacks down Obama adviser Ben Rhodes for questioning Trump admin’s Iran claims over tanker attacks

White House backhands hapless Democrats: ‘Mexico doing more to stop illegals than Congress’

Trump rolls back Iran funding mechanism that Obama, Kerry set up for the terror-supporting regime

Venezuelan crisis: Maduro was preparing to flee the country until Russia intervened, says Pompeo

No crisis? ICE says more than 10,000 people from terrorist-sponsoring states roaming the U.S.

Bolton warns North Korea: ‘Don’t restart your missile program’

Media and Dems fret Trump will ‘blow’ North Korea negotiations but he’s already accomplished more than his predecessors

Venezuelan leader Maduro’s ‘days are numbered,’ says Pompeo warns as Guaido will ‘formally’ request U.S. ‘liberation’

Pence: Iran plotting ‘new Holocaust’ to wipe out Israel as Jewish state considers response

Lisa Page dished to Congress: ‘Not appropriate’ or ‘normal’ for Hillary’s aides to be present during FBI interview over email scandal

Weapons that Hillary Clinton’s State Dept. ran into Libya very likely used to kill Amb. Stevens, CIA operators

New details emerge about illegal actions Obama took to secure Iran deal

Federal court blasts DoJ, State Dept.; orders discovery plan to see if Hillary sought to HIDE her emails to evade law

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