Trump Administration

Rush: POTUS Trump wants to make AOC and ‘Squad’ face of Democrat Party; Rachel Maddow takes the bait

New Trump administration asylum rule should dramatically curb migration from Central America — if it holds

Battle raging within Trump admin over Iranian nuclear waivers as regime continues its work on the bomb and Congress hampers POTUS

Tucker: Citizenship question on 2020 census vital because ‘we have no idea who’s living in USA’ (Video)

Here are SEVERAL facts about Obama’s immigration record the Left doesn’t want you to know

DoJ STILL looking for a way to add citizenship question to Census despite Supreme Court ruling

Obama’s DHS secretary: Cages, or whatever you call them, weren’t put in place by POTUS Trump

Bolton blasts NYTimes over fake news report that Trump would ‘settle’ for ‘nuclear freeze’ with North Korea

Trump’s confidence on trade deal with China following meeting with Xi leads to new DOW future highs

Trump announces trade ‘cease-fire’ with China, postponing new tariffs as Beijing agrees to buy more U.S. farm products

Trump: Despite federal courts, media leaks, and MIA Dems, ICE raids WILL continue

Flashback: Trump may have to invoke ‘Insurrection Act’ to protect the country after another Obama judge blocks his border wall construction

Here’s why POTUS Trump’s Mexico migrant deal will work: Most Mexican citizens oppose illegal immigration

Biden, in an op-ed, confuses Obama’s immigration policies with those of POTUS Trump

As European powers urge ‘restraint,’ Trump admin ready to impose massive new sanctions on Iran

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