First lady Melania Trump

In rare TV interview, Melania Trump shows she’s not a #MeToo puppet

Pure TRASH: CNN’s Ana Navarro attacks Melania, says she suffered ‘oxygen deprivation to brain’

Results MATTER: POTUS Trump’s approval rating HIGHER than DEM demigod OBAMA at same point in presidency

DISGUSTING Dem Eric Swalwell DEFENDS vile, inconsiderate, and cruel behavior directed at POTUS Trump and administration

Melania to the BORDER in surprise visit — and she’ll be TRASHED for it

It STARTS: Media frenzy over FAKE ‘migrant child crisis’ driving public to THREATEN GOP lives

Will tweet from Peter Fonda threatening Barron Trump FINALLY earn an unhinged Leftist some jail time?

SICKOS: Demented Leftists in the Pravda media fantasize about POTUS Trump beating FLOTUS Melania

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