Customs and Border Protection

Border Patrol agents assaulted, injured, by rush of migrants at Texas border crossing

Cruz-Graham: DNA testing at border finds that nearly one-third of migrant ‘families’ are fraudulent

Fireworks: Former ICE Acting Director Homan BLASTS Dem rep during hearing for besmirching his character and calling him a racist (Video)

Lunacy: Hysterical Rashida Tlaib says Democrats should push for OPEN borders, decriminalize illegal crossings

Experts tell lawmakers racial ‘bias’ inherent in facial recognition technology may NEVER be fixed

Trump reminds Dems that deportation ops — not ‘raids’ — are once again set to begin ‘soon’

Border Patrol releases video refuting Ocasio-Cortez’s fabrications regarding ‘toilet water,’ migrant treatment

Leak: ICE raids to round up illegals who have been ordered out of the country to begin

‘Alarming’ number of Border Patrol agents getting SICK thanks to diseases brought by sea of migrants

Congress dithers as border collapses: Nearly 9-in-10 illegals skip court hearing after release into U.S.

MASSIVE asylum fraud: Central American kids being ‘recycled’ as family members to cheat U.S. immigration system, Border Patrol says

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