Homeland Security

Democrats ‘angry’ over death of migrant girl in CBP custody should blame THEIR open borders policies

White House adviser Miller: POTUS Trump ‘will win’ fight for border wall

Democrats pleading poverty when it comes to funding Trump’s wall but didn’t bat an eye when Obama paid off the Iranians

Walls work: DHS says border agents stop 10 potential terrorists PER DAY from entering U.S.

Border wall green light: Supreme Court REJECTS environmentalist lawsuit aimed at stopping project

Unlike Antifa, the FBI says Proud Boys is NOT a domestic terrorist group

ICE tells New Jersey AG to stick it after new ‘sanctuary state’ rules adopted: ‘We’ll conduct MORE raids!’

Troops to remain on U.S. border through January at POTUS security plan forces MORE migrants to self-deport

Trump effect? Number of illegal immigrants in U.S. hits LOWEST in years

Trump-hating MSNBC panel gets lesson on use of military at border by GOP lawmaker (Video)

MS-13 gang banger admits: ‘I hid in migrant caravan’ to gain entry into U.S.

GOP proposing plan to fund border wall for two years ahead of Dem House takeover

Migrant caravan shoved women and children to the FRONT so they would be photographed with tear gas; media blames POTUS

Border agents used tear gas against illegal aliens 80 TIMES during Obama’s administration

Border Patrol Council spokesman offers simple, practical SOLUTIONS to ‘migrant crisis’ — and they would work

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