Homeland Security

The Illegal Alien Chainsaw Massacre: Now playing for real in California

Off the DEEP End: Democrats introduce bill to abolish ICE and hold agents CRIMINALLY liable

Guess which administration ALSO used DNA testing on illegal alien kids at the border? OBAMA

POTUS Trump: ‘A vote for DEMS is a vote for ANARCHY;’ ‘We will PROTECT ICE!’

Unhinged Democrat supporters PROTEST ICE operation to break up CHILD sex-trafficking ring

BACKFIRE! POTUS Trump’s approval ratings RISE after month of immigration hysteria from LEFT — even among Hispanics! (Video)

IDIOTS: Establishment journalists go “full conspiracy theory,” claiming DHS regulations contain secret Nazi numerology codes

NOT a shock poll: Vast majority of Americans BACK TRUMP’s immigration policies; want LESS, not MORE border enforcement

TRAGIC: Border Patrol rescues 6-year-old Costa Rican boy ABANDONED by smugglers

POTUS Trump dishes on lunatic DEMS but makes GOLDEN prediction about the party’s future

POTUS Trump to Dems calling for ICE to be abolished: ‘It’ll NEVER happen!’

As MORE Dems call for ICE to be abolished, Director Homan BLASTS them: ‘Strap a gun on your hip and go stand on the border!’

NO dollars for ‘sanctuary cities:’ DOJ bypassing LAWBREAKERS to give grant $$$ to compliant cities

OBAMA DHS secretary Johnson makes STUNNING admission regarding migrant children

GOP lawmaker intimates nation headed towards CIVIL WAR as far-Left continues to push Trump administration

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