New Trump administration asylum rule should dramatically curb migration from Central America — if it holds

CHILLING: Elizabeth Warren threatens immigration agents with ‘task force’ that will hold them ‘accountable’

Cruz-Graham: DNA testing at border finds that nearly one-third of migrant ‘families’ are fraudulent

Fireworks: Former ICE Acting Director Homan BLASTS Dem rep during hearing for besmirching his character and calling him a racist (Video)

Yes, the Tacoma, Wash., ICE facility attacker was an ‘anti-fascist’ ‘anarchist’ — but you won’t see that in the ‘mainstream’ media

Lt. Col. Allen West: ‘Pelosi just committed a high crime and misdemeanor’ over her ‘advice’ to illegals about how to avoid ICE agents

Things to come in America? Angry illegal migrants storm Pantheon in France, demand citizen papers, jobs and freebies

Lunacy: Hysterical Rashida Tlaib says Democrats should push for OPEN borders, decriminalize illegal crossings

Experts tell lawmakers racial ‘bias’ inherent in facial recognition technology may NEVER be fixed

New Jersey cops push back BIG time against Left-wing AG who threatened them if they assist ICE agents

Survey says: Most ‘swing’ voters, independents OPPOSE free healthcare for illegal aliens

Here are SEVERAL facts about Obama’s immigration record the Left doesn’t want you to know

TNS Investigates: The Escobar Connection (Video)

Immigration group says next massive ‘influx of migrants’ to U.S. already coming from ‘entire world’s poor’

POTUS Trump blasts ‘exaggerated’ reports about conditions in migrant detention centers, tells media to ‘go and see them’

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