CHILLING: Elizabeth Warren threatens immigration agents with ‘task force’ that will hold them ‘accountable’

Lunacy: Hysterical Rashida Tlaib says Democrats should push for OPEN borders, decriminalize illegal crossings

Here are SEVERAL facts about Obama’s immigration record the Left doesn’t want you to know

TNS Investigates: The Escobar Connection (Video)

Obama’s DHS secretary: Cages, or whatever you call them, weren’t put in place by POTUS Trump

Trump: Despite federal courts, media leaks, and MIA Dems, ICE raids WILL continue

Trump turns tables on Democrats, blames THEM for deaths of migrant father, daughter: ‘They won’t change the laws’

Wow: Canadian province passes ‘Trump-like’ bill stressing migrant SKILLS, forcing thousands to reapply

White House backhands hapless Democrats: ‘Mexico doing more to stop illegals than Congress’

POTUS tariff win? Mexico deploys troops to stop migrants and offers MAJOR concessions on border issues

Former acting ICE director Homan blasts RINOs, says Mexico ‘hasn’t done squat’ to help curb illegal migration (Video)

Gorka: GOP leaders in Senate ‘betraying’ POTUS Trump — again — over Mexican tariffs

GOP Rep. Collins challenges DEMS to fix border crisis: ‘What I just saw would break your heart’

That was fast: Mexican president AMLO seeks meeting with Trump admin after POTUS imposes tariffs over illegal immigration

Border state Reps pushing new plan to address migrant HORDE at border without relying on House Democrats

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