U.S. government is BIGGEST obstacle to upgrading our aging power grid as failures loom

Kellyanne: Pelosi ‘can’t control her caucus’ so she ‘lost her temper’ with POTUS at infrastructure meeting

Pelosi’s claim that POTUS threw ‘temper tantrum’ during infrastructure meeting is a lie — and there’s proof

POTUS Trump vows: No infrastructure bill for Dems as long as they continue their witch hunt probes

New report debunks claims that MORE ‘immigrants’ are needed to ‘fill American jobs’

Expert: ‘Green New Deal’ will actually curb development of green energy

Democrat SHAME: See how much POTUS Trump’s border wall will cost every working American

Border wall green light: Supreme Court REJECTS environmentalist lawsuit aimed at stopping project

Trump admin continues to burn through Obama legacy as EPA set to trash expensive power plant rule

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