‘Bull’ Durham to seek interviews with top CIA officials over ‘Russiagate’ origins; time for Comey, Clapper, and Brennan to ‘lawyer up,’ says Hannity

John ‘Bull’ Durham ‘asking all the right questions’ in Russia origin probe; has met ‘several times’ with AG Barr

Why does John Brennan STILL have his security clearance a year after POTUS Trump revoked it?

DiGenova: ‘Accountable government’ coming as ‘battle royale’ has broken out between AG Barr, deep state

DiGenova: Spygate tip of iceberg, as FISA court has evidence of Obama-era spying MUCH sooner, in 2012

Going to ground: Who else has not been identified in this coup attempt against POTUS Trump?

POTUS Trump wants AG Barr to look at ties to Spygate from Ukraine, the UK, and Australia: ‘Somebody has to get to the bottom of it’

The table has turned on the ‘Trump-Russia’ hoax and now the conspirators are running for the hills

Now that Trump has ordered ‘Spygate’ docs declassified, here’s what we can expect to see

Durham reportedly examining documents generated by ‘fusion cell’ set up by Brennan for ‘Spygate’

Comey email discussing Steele dossier indicates Brennan likely perjured himself before Congress

Treason: Docs PROVE Deep State hacks Obama, Comey, Brennan, and Clapper aided Russian efforts to divide Americans with ‘Spygate’

Comey says BRENNAN was the one who ‘insisted’ that bogus Steele dossier be added to intel community’s ‘Russian collusion’ assessment

DiGenova: ‘For the first time I actually believe’ people will go to jail over ‘Spygate’

John Brennen’s unhinged anger at POTUS explained: CIA implicated in deep state lies to media claiming ‘Trump-Russia collusion’

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