Judicial Nominee

Trump admin blows off ‘blue slip’ objections from partisan Dems to confirm constitutionalist to Lefty 9th Circuit

Reagan staffer says Trump picking more ‘philosophically conservative’ federal judges than the Gipper

Trump re-nominates constitutionalists to serve on the notoriously liberal 9th Circuit after reports of ‘deal’ with Feinstein, Harris

GOP playing ‘hardball’ in rush to confirm POTUS Trump’s court picks ahead of midterms

Lindsey Graham to Chuck Schumer: ‘We’re not going to let YOU pick justices’

McConnell to Dems over Kavanaugh vote: ‘I hope you learned your lesson’

WOW: Former FBI agent tried to convince Blasey Ford friend to change her statement about Kavanaugh

Say what? planning ‘direct action’ in DC to stop Kavanaugh confirmation

Mitch McConnell vows: GOP ‘will not be intimidated’ by unhinged Kavanaugh haters

Cotton: ‘Kavanaugh will be confirmed this week’

Trump praises FBI probe of Kavanaugh, but for a completely Trumpian reason

Lindsey Graham blasts: ‘NBC is a co-conspirator’ in attacking Judge Kavanaugh

Voter support grows for Kavanaugh: Will THAT be enough for squishy Republicans?

Sex crimes prosecutor completely EXONERATES Kavanaugh in new report

Bombshell statement from Ford friend blows away accusations against Judge Kavanaugh

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