Experts tell lawmakers racial ‘bias’ inherent in facial recognition technology may NEVER be fixed

Portland mayor claims he didn’t order cops to ‘stand down’ in face of Antifa; Andy Ngo’s lawyer blasts him

Want to fight back against fake news? Then we should change U.S. libel laws and make them apply to journalists

Left-leaning prof and constitutional expert Jonathan Turley BURNS Nadler, Dems over Barr contempt charge

Prof suing university after being fired for saying young children should NOT undergo ‘gender dysphoria’ treatment

Female HS student files federal civil rights complaint over sharing locker room with transgender: ‘I felt violated’

Lawyer for Covington Catholic teen reveals who’s next on the growing list of media, personality lawsuits

Lawyer for Covington Catholic teen Nick Sandmann releases video slamming CNN, WaPo, as lawsuits proceed (Watch)

Report: Michael Cohen’s attorney approached POTUS Trump about a PARDON for the rat

Attorney for Covington high schooler blasts WaPo over its lame apology for cucking up coverage: ‘Too little, too late’

BOOM: Family of Covington teen files major lawsuit against Washington Post — and more are coming

Legal expert Jonathan Turley on Trump’s emergency declaration: ‘Democrats will lose’ on merits of case

Lawyer representing Covington kids gives fake news journos 48 hours to retract before ‘lawsuits begin’

View: Mueller has ‘destroyed’ evidence in Flynn case and is suppressing other materials

Border wall green light: Supreme Court REJECTS environmentalist lawsuit aimed at stopping project

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