Bernie Sanders’ health plan will make poor families POORER: Analysis

Yes, conservative Trump supporters, Democrats hate us and believe they have a right to exterminate us

Why do Democrats think they have the authority — and the RIGHT — to regulate gender on high school sports teams?

Infanticidal maniacs: The Nazis decided who lived and who died, just like today’s Democrats want to do

Former Fed prosecutor Joe diGenova says ‘we’re in a civil war…I buy guns’

Democrats’ goal in rejecting POTUS Trump’s immigration compromise is all about turning red states blue

Hang on to your wallet: Dems lining up behind Ocasio-Cortez’s ‘Green New Deal’

Once more, Dems prove they don’t really care about DACA recipients

Groan alert: Sen. Mazie Hirono thinks Dems can’t connect with voters because they’re SO smart

White House dismisses new ‘climate change’ report, says its ‘extreme’ and not reality-based

The LEFT is killing the West with mass migration policies aimed at destroying cultures

Mitch McConnell vows: GOP ‘will not be intimidated’ by unhinged Kavanaugh haters

Dan Bongino UNLOADS on far-Left Democrat over Kavanaugh: ‘Your party right now is evil!’ (Video)

Epic FAIL: Most Americans don’t know who latest SCOTUS nominee is much less anything else about the high court

Of Course! New report says Obama’s DACA program handed protections to THOUSANDS of criminal aliens

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