Trump blasts Fed chair Powell again over his interest rate hikes that have cost Americans trillions in wealth

What shutdown? Stock market hits another record under POTUS Trump in January

Dow sets another record by surging more than 1,000 points in post-Christmas rebound

Financial analyst describes Fed chair Powell as ‘train wreck under the Christmas tree’

Analyst: Market tank in December in late stages; sharp rebound coming in 2019

Report: POTUS Trump considering firing his economy-wrecking Fed chairman

Fed chair Powell’s rate hikes are wiping out retirement savings like the crash of 2008

Fed Chair Jerome Powell is TANKING the Trump miracle economy

More Americans employed than ever as Trump economy continues breaking records

Why is the Fed tamping down the economy — is it to hurt POTUS Trump?

Is the Fed trying to crush the Trump economy?

‘Blue’ wave for GOP? BLUE collar workers overwhelmingly say lives BETTER under Trump

Great again! Trump, GOP Tax cuts fuel RECORD job growth, optimism among small businesses for ALL Americans

The Trump economy is SO GOOD even the Left-wing media has to admit it

Results MATTER: POTUS Trump’s approval rating HIGHER than DEM demigod OBAMA at same point in presidency

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