Fake News

POTUS Trump blasts ‘exaggerated’ reports about conditions in migrant detention centers, tells media to ‘go and see them’

FACT: Trump is no perv, was the only one who helped prosecutors nail serial child molester Jeffrey Epstein

White lib CNN host Camarota tries to ‘convince’ a black Trump voter racism is alive and well, but it doesn’t go over

POTUS Trump is right: Americans fear ‘fake news’ more than they do terrorism

Want to fight back against fake news? Then we should change U.S. libel laws and make them apply to journalists

‘Mainstream’ media has a new fact-checking standard: ‘Kinda plausible’

Fact: CNN really is the ‘hate Trump network,’ say former conservative contributors

Millennials so brainwashed and scared by ‘climate change’ they aren’t saving a DIME for retirement

POTUS Trump defends his smackdown of Nancy Pelosi against fake news media: ‘She made horrible statements’

Garbage American media doing the work of Communist China with lie after lie about POTUS Trump’s latest tariffs

Trump takes to Twitter to defend against NYT’s hit piece on his tax returns

It’s official: CNN’s viewership has completely collapsed as MSNBC also loses ground after collusion hoax exposed

Garbage in, garbage out: CNN’s ratings continue to TANK as anti-Trump hysteria reaches fever pitch after Mueller report

Another day, another fake news story about Trump: Politico botches claim prez was ‘uninterested’ in Mount Vernon visit

Say what? Media pretending that Obama’s caging of migrant children was his humanitarian way of “protecting” them

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