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GOP: Dem fears rising as ‘Bull’ Durham’s ‘Russiagate’ probe expanded to three levels of Obama corruption

Lindsey Graham schools Fox News’ Chris Wallace on ‘trust’ in AG Barr: ‘I was believed when I supported Mueller’

Levin: Impanel grand jury NOW and move against Comey and his deep state ‘Spygate’ conspirators

It’s official: CNN’s viewership has completely collapsed as MSNBC also loses ground after collusion hoax exposed

Nunes dishes SOME details on five criminal referrals he’s made to AG Barr: ‘SPYING on Trump campaign began in 2015’

Tucker Carlson: Mexico has become a ‘hostile power’ that the U.S. must deal with (Video)

Hemingway: Of course POTUS Trump has condemned white supremacists, white nationalists (Video)

Here’s the REAL reason Fox News is being frozen out of Democratic debates, and it has nothing to do with ‘bias’

Chris Wallace tried to ‘fact-check’ Sarah Sanders on terrorists crossing U.S. border; now we fact-check HIM

Ingraham: ‘The Confederacy happened’ and ‘we OWE it to the future’ to remember ALL U.S. history

POTUS Trump hints at MAJOR Cabinet shakeup in coming days – Video

Larry King RIPS his former network CNN: ‘They stopped doing news a long time ago’

Ingraham: Dems have to race-bait GOP because POTUS Trump’s policies are helping minorities

Megyn Kelly fired for ‘blackface’ comments, but these Left-wing darlings actually donned it

Limbaugh predicts: GOP to hold House, expand majority in Senate

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