Obama administration

Here are SEVERAL facts about Obama’s immigration record the Left doesn’t want you to know

Fitton: DoJ has ‘more than enough evidence’ to reopen Clinton email probe (Video)

Say what? Biden admits that Russia did NOT ‘meddle’ in 2016 elections

‘Reluctant witnesses’ in FISA abuse probe agree to talk, delaying DoJ IG Horowitz’s final report further

Fox panel: Russians intercepted Clinton email sent to FBI suggesting cover-up to exonerate her

Obama’s DHS secretary: Cages, or whatever you call them, weren’t put in place by POTUS Trump

Biden, in an op-ed, confuses Obama’s immigration policies with those of POTUS Trump

Drone downing: How many Iranian weapons did Obama and Kerry finance with their ‘nuclear deal?’

Gowdy: Corrupt FBI gave TWO different types of briefings to candidates Clinton and Trump

DiGenova: ‘Coward’ Rod Rosenstein THE person to blame for the Mueller witch hunt (Video)

Did Robert Mueller break the law to indict Paul Manafort by using suspect ‘black cash ledger?’

Hero SEAL Dan Crenshaw smacks down Obama adviser Ben Rhodes for questioning Trump admin’s Iran claims over tanker attacks

Gowdy, Chaffetz blast ‘mainstream’ media over double standards in covering Dem-controlled House: ‘Where was the outrage when Obama refused to provide info?’

Flashback 2.0: Hillary endorsed political dirt from foreign sources in 2017 and Adam Schiff DENOUNCED it

‘Bull’ Durham to seek interviews with top CIA officials over ‘Russiagate’ origins; time for Comey, Clapper, and Brennan to ‘lawyer up,’ says Hannity

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