Obama administration

White House trade czar Navarro says he feels ‘DUPED’ by Deep State after recommending ‘spy’ for ambassadorship

Obama hack Ben Rhodes’ breakdown on night Hillary LOST to POTUS Trump is epic

Trump ROASTS Mueller and his ’13 angry democrats’ — Sham investigation ‘unprecedented and SCANDALOUS’

Wait — Did Obama LET China hack 21 million records of U.S. personnel?

So, who hired Stefan Halper, alleged Trump campaign ‘informant?’

Why did Michael Flynn plead guilty? Sara Carter says FBI agent Pientka wants a chance to ‘state the truth’ about fateful interview

What is Rubio’s problem? He says he’s seen ‘no evidence’ Obama SPIED on Team Trump

Rudy attacks Mueller’s corrupt witch hunt: Rigged so bad SOME of his prosecutors ‘were at Hillary’s funeral’ on election night (Video)

POTUS Trump tweets criticism at Mueller probe; drops hint about mysterious ‘REPORT’

Cornyn: FBI’s culture of corruption is COMEY’S fault

Liar James Clapper now trying to cover for former boss Obama: ‘I’m sure he had no knowledge’ about Trump spy

Columnist: ‘The DEMOCRATS now have THEIR own Watergate!’

Obama just lied about his scandal-marred presidency but here’s why he always gets away with it

Sara Carter: FBI agent who interviewed Flynn ready to TESTIFY on his behalf

Here’s all the evidence you need to PROVE the ‘mainstream media’ is America’s No. 1 ENEMY

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