Obama administration

Disgusting! Obama and Hillary FIRED Benghazi heroes in Germany after 13-hour assault (Video)

Strzok, Page ‘leaked’ info to media in order to damage POTUS Trump

Report: POTUS Trump close to declassifying Carter Page, Bruce Ohr docs (Video)

Obama’s slamming of ‘crazy stuff’ and ‘DoJ politicization’ in Trump administration is a sick joke

CONFIRMED: Papadopoulos was framed by deep state Obama operatives, then exploited to frame POTUS Trump

POTUS on offense, calls on FISA court to level charges against Comey, Yates, Rosenstein and McCabe

Trump campaign spy Stefan Halper part of Russian ‘set-up’ says Pentagon whistleblower: Sara Carter

TWO systems: JW’s Fitton says FBI’s Strzok did NOTHING with evidence Russians hacked Hillary’s private server (Video)

Brennan caught in another LIE? Claim he heard about Russia ‘dossier’ via ‘news reports’ doesn’t WASH

Former U.S. Army general makes it plain: ‘John Brennan wants to overthrow POTUS Trump’

Sen. Burr BACKHANDS Deep State hack John Brennan over ‘Trump collusion’ allegation

As Muller interviews hookers and indicts Russians, Judicial Watch finds MORE classified Hillary emails

WOW: Nunes says Comey’s FBI excluded exculpatory evidence against Carter Page to get FISA warrants

Dianne Feinstein’s PATHETIC excuse following Chinese spy revelation proves Mueller probe IS a witch hunt

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