Another Left-wing end-of-world prediction due to ‘human-caused climate change,’ is massively WRONG

Soros-funded Marxist ‘prosecutors’ overseeing murder spikes, breakdown of law and order in U.S. cities

Viva La Revolucion: CIA vet says ALL of 2020 Dem ideas are from failed Communist playbook

Professor told to ‘leave campus’ because he is white just scored a HUGE legal victory

Pediatric endocrinologist says ‘transgender therapy’ is dangerous to kids; backed by no real ‘science’

First Confederates and now the founders: Students demand removal of Thomas Jefferson statue at Hofstra

The ‘Anti-America’ Party: Democrats fighting hard for illegal aliens, Mexican unions, but not U.S. workers

She won’t be smeared: ‘Blexit’ champ Candace Owens blasts Ted Lieu after he tried that ‘Adolph Hitler’ thing with her

The Left used to hate McCarthyism and “blacklists” until they began using them to deny Trump officials employment

Chick-fil-A should consider legal options after ‘cultural fascism’ drives franchises from airports

2020 Dems are flocking to kiss the ring of epic race hustler Al Sharpton — but what has HE done for blacks lately?

Trump ‘Nationalism’ explained: It’s not ‘white supremacy’ when ALL ethnic groups love America (Video)

MAGA-supporting patriots now labeled “white nationalists,” which the Left claims are no different than “white supremacists”

Dems’ plan to steal every presidential election by subverting Electoral College, stacking the Supreme Court, and flooding America with illegal voters

Zuck’s luck may have run out with POTUS: Trump to ‘look into’ Facebook’s blocking of his social media chief

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