Political Violence

Tucker: Antifa has support of ‘respectable Left’ as group factions call for more ‘direct action’ following Tacoma ICE attack

Yes, the Tacoma, Wash., ICE facility attacker was an ‘anti-fascist’ ‘anarchist’ — but you won’t see that in the ‘mainstream’ media

Our republic is collapsing and it will take decisive action by Trump to save it

POTUS Trump blasts ‘exaggerated’ reports about conditions in migrant detention centers, tells media to ‘go and see them’

Democrats are officially the anti-American party: Just 22 percent ‘extremely proud’ of their country

Massive rally of conservatives, Proud Boys being planned in Portland after Antifa beating of journalist Andy Ngo

Dershowitz: Trump admin needs to step up against rising Left-wing violence

CNN continues to serve as Antifa’s propaganda network after more than 15 journalists have been assaulted by its members

Antifa planning to use acid in attacks on conservatives at D.C. speech rally?

Lawyer for Andy Ngo issues big-time legal threat to antifa thugs who attacked him

Yes, conservative Trump supporters, Democrats hate us and believe they have a right to exterminate us

Professor told to ‘leave campus’ because he is white just scored a HUGE legal victory

Left-wing Dem bully’s challenge met at Philly Planned Parenthood clinic: ‘We won’t be intimidated’

Is Hillary Clinton delusional about 2016 loss or is she setting Dems up to openly oppose POTUS Trump’s 2020 reelection?

First Confederates and now the founders: Students demand removal of Thomas Jefferson statue at Hofstra

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