Mueller throws long-time pal and colleague Bill Barr under the bus in order to protect the Deep State

Wow: Liz ‘Fauxcohontas’ Warren can’t even get elected president in her own state

Reagan staffer says Trump picking more ‘philosophically conservative’ federal judges than the Gipper

In probing the McCabe-Rosenstein coup against Trump, AG Barr MUST question the ringleader: Barack Obama

Indy journalist Adam Housley: ‘There’s a TON more to McCabe story’ than what’s been revealed

Texas GOP warns state could flip BLUE in 2020 if taken for granted

POTUS says he’ll have a ‘scary’ amount of power if Supreme Court doesn’t overturn DACA

Federalist’ Principles of Governing Are Dead; Consider the Impasse Over ‘The Wall’

Eric Swalwell just proved why he could be the dumbest Democratic presidential contender EVER

The biggest liar ever to sit in the White House just called POTUS Trump a liar

Giuliani to Mueller: ‘STUFF your subpoena!’

Admitted pedophile convicted of threatening to kill POTUS Bush NOW running for office in Virginia thanks to Terry McAuliffe

Hillary Clinton proves once more why she deserved to LOSE her second presidential bid

Mark Levin: New revelations that Mueller’s lawyers got ‘special status’ means investigation UNCONSTITUTIONAL

POTUS to DoJ: ‘Investigate Obama’s spy operation NOW’

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