President Donald Trump

POTUS Trump eviscerates anti-American DEMS over refusal to back border security

Giuliani to Mueller: ‘STUFF your subpoena!’

ANOTHER Comey lie? Internet investigators find evidence FBI spying on Team Trump began WAY before July 2016

STUPID: More Millennials prefer to date an MS-13 animal than a Trump supporter (Video)

This central figure in the ‘Spygate’ scandal may have just CLEARED Trump of Russian ‘collusion’

Report: POTUS Trump tells aides he wants lying leaker James Comey ‘investigated and CHARGED’

BAM: U.S., British intel officials BOTH in on targeting of Trump campaign

The Pravda media is an ENEMY of the STATE and it’s time we called them out

Mark Levin DESTROYS Trey Gowdy’s defense of FBI in ‘Spygate’ — ‘The easiest place to find RUSSIANS was Clinton’s campaign!’

White House trade czar Navarro says he feels ‘DUPED’ by Deep State after recommending ‘spy’ for ambassadorship

Obama hack Ben Rhodes’ breakdown on night Hillary LOST to POTUS Trump is epic

More BAD news for unhinged Dems counting on that ‘big blue wave’ in 2018

DESPERATE: Professor begs Trump to revoke ‘Posse Comitatus’ and send MILITARY to clear Chicago’s kill zones

FBI agents who want to discuss culture of corruption NOW afraid to speak, citing weak whistleblower laws

Trump ROASTS Mueller and his ’13 angry democrats’ — Sham investigation ‘unprecedented and SCANDALOUS’

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