Battle raging within Trump admin over Iranian nuclear waivers as regime continues its work on the bomb and Congress hampers POTUS

The ladies of ‘The Deplorables’ comedy team sing the praises of Trump, GOP (Video)

Ha! Pelosi ignores her far-Left AOC faction and agrees to pass emergency border funding bill

Gowdy, Chaffetz blast ‘mainstream’ media over double standards in covering Dem-controlled House: ‘Where was the outrage when Obama refused to provide info?’

POTUS tariff win? Mexico deploys troops to stop migrants and offers MAJOR concessions on border issues

Gorka: GOP leaders in Senate ‘betraying’ POTUS Trump — again — over Mexican tariffs

Bonanza: GOP more than DOUBLES Dem fundraising in April, defying the polls

Hero Dan Crenshaw exposes Dem ‘lies’ regarding ‘preexisting conditions’ health bill

Never forget: ‘Republicans’ like Paul Ryan, John McCain, Jeff Sessions, and Mitt Romney ALL plotted to oppose POTUS Trump

What the lying media isn’t telling you about the Trump/GOP tax cuts: They really ARE cuts

They’ve lost it: Nearly ALL House Democrats sign onto bill that would force schools to put biological males on female sports teams

With Devin Nunes set to hand DoJ criminal referrals for Trump coup conspirators, THESE people should worry

Enough! McConnell mulling ‘nuclear option’ to get Trump’s nominees past Democrat obstructionists

White, working class voters backing POTUS Trump by double digits over Sanders, Beto

BOOM: Trump effect leads RNC to record $14.6 million haul in February

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