Newest ‘climate change’ study by Finnish researchers finds NO human effects whatsoever

Bartender-turned-congresswoman AOC tries to equate flooding with ‘climate change,’ draws real science lesson from meteorologist

Pediatric endocrinologist says ‘transgender therapy’ is dangerous to kids; backed by no real ‘science’

Wait, what? Landmark study claims electric cars make Earth DIRTIER than diesel engines

They’ve lost it: Nearly ALL House Democrats sign onto bill that would force schools to put biological males on female sports teams

The ‘crucial’ glacier that was receding because of ‘human-caused climate change’? It’s growing again

Greenpeace co-founder: Most scientists who say there’s a ‘climate crisis’ are on ‘government grants’

Dems pushing CDC to fake “gun violence” science research just like the EPA fakes climate change research

NBC News’ Chuck Todd has decided: No more air time for ‘climate change deniers’

PROOF: Study shows white liberal Dems talk DOWN to minorities, but Republicans…don’t

PC Science: Physics professor SUSPENDED after arguing subject is not sexist

No, Hurricane Florence is NOT a ‘climate change’ sign of ‘worsening’ storms

New study angers transgenders for claiming they have at least ONE mental disorder

New study PROVES 4-year-olds are SMARTER than Democrats: Kids don’t like FREELOADERS

Did that dirtbag Obama authorize the FBI to put a SPY in the Trump campaign?

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