Judiciary Committee

Lindsey Graham says Mueller report ‘final word’ for him on ‘Spygate’ scandal: What happened to the investigations he promised?

Lindsey Graham working to declassify bombshell doc proving beyond doubt Comey’s FBI knew ‘Steele Dossier’ was garbage

Sen. Graham invites Robert Mueller to testify but only on one condition, and it’s GENIUS

AG Barr refuses to back off ‘spying’ claim to describe what Obama did to the 2016 Trump campaign; why aren’t Dems concerned about the act instead?

Lindsey Graham wants another special counsel to probe DoJ, FBI abuses, but where is Sessions’ appointee John Huber?

Enough, already: Federal judge says FBI MUST hand over memos of Comey’s ‘meetings’ with POTUS Trump

Lindsey Graham tweets cryptic warning to James Comey following Mueller’s exoneration of POTUS Trump: ‘See you soon’

Immigrant nominee for Ninth Circuit court schools Dems on racism: ‘My dad had a gut understanding of what makes America great’

Lindsey Graham demands answers from FBI Director Wray after Roger Stone’s arrest, including who tipped off CNN

View: Mueller has ‘destroyed’ evidence in Flynn case and is suppressing other materials

Lindsey Graham vows to get to the bottom of FISA abuses under Obama, Comey

Roger Stone tells Feinstein to stuff it; won’t cooperate with Senate Judiciary Committee

Lindsey Graham 2.0: He ‘will TOTALLY investigate Hillary email scandal’ as Judiciary chairman

Porn lawyer Michael Avenatti lashes out at Sen. Grassley after SECOND criminal referral

Senate to FBI: Investigate the creepy porn lawyer Michael Avenatti over Kavanaugh claims

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