USA powerlifting federation will defend transgender athlete policy in court

NFL star truth-bombs Ocasio-Cortez with a free lesson in biology over Georgia ‘Heartbeat Bill’

Girls’ sports being decimated by biological males claiming to be females

Guess what Americans DON’T want to see during the Super Bowl? Political ads

NBA now running economic sabotage campaign against Kanye for daring to support Trump

After outburst, pro tennis umpires may BOYCOTT Serena Williams’ matches (Video)

NFL caves to Left, refuses to implement new policy prohibiting on-field protests during Anthem

Tucker Carlson BLASTS Nike for its ‘decadent,’ factually inaccurate ads featuring Kaepernick

Proof Roger Goodell is a COWARD: Here’s all the times the NFL BANNED ‘free speech’

Looks like that school LeBron James is starting up in Akron will cost LOCAL taxpayers a LOT

Petulant AND divisive: Dems REFUSE to participate in annual softball game with Republicans

BOOM! POTUS Trump solves the NFL ‘kneeling controversy’ in ONE tweet

COWARDS: NFL now freezing new policy FORBIDDING Anthem protests

NFL blow-out: The most PRO-football state in the UNION just sent owners, league a devastating message

Trump INTERCEPTS Super Bowl champion Philadelphia Eagles; DISINVITES them from White House visit over player kneeling (Updated)

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