Trump campaign

Carter Page: Deep state FBI informant Halper intensified contact just before FISA court issued spy warrant

So Trump wanted to ‘end’ a bogus special counsel probe — how is that ‘controversial?’

What did Obama know about Trump collusion hoax and when did he know it? Everything, and from the beginning

Tucker Carlson on Cohen ‘circus’: ‘This is a distraction, and we’re falling for it’ (Video)

View: Mueller has ‘destroyed’ evidence in Flynn case and is suppressing other materials

Mexico WILL pay for the border wall but ONLY if Democrats allow it

Gowdy BLASTS Rosenstein, Wray; implores them to FINISH Russia investigation: ‘This country is being TORN APART’

BONGINO BOMBSHELL: Mueller not investigating TRUMP; he’s working to COVER for corrupt CLINTON Foundation

Gowdy to DEMS for ‘Gang of 8’ briefing on bipartisan Russia meeting: ‘Close your lips and open your minds’

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