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‘Calexit’ picking up steam as conservatives set to wave good-bye

Trump effect? ‘Personal satisfaction’ highest in 16 years

Obama legacy: 9 of 10 cops more concerned for their safety

Groups pushing for more states to honor each other’s concealed carry laws

Anarchists threaten Trump inauguration as D.C. to deploy thousands of Natl. Guard, security forces

Obama trashes 10th Amendment again by taking over state balloting systems

Here’s what Obama won’t tell you about his ‘legacy’

Obama legacy: More Americans out of work than ever

Why hasn’t our race-conscious president condemned the obvious hate crime in Chicago against a white man?

‘Labor’ group goes after Trump Winery despite no complaints from workers

Majority Republicans seek to aggressively undo 8 years of Obama

Trump team seeks agency records on border barriers, surveillance

Attorney General Sessions will keep busy just closing down ‘sanctuary cities’

Right-to-work laws on the rise with more states set to pass following November elections

GOP, Trump team planning repeal of Obamacare, crippling regulations

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