Hey, Obama: Iranian caught trying to smuggle nuclear materials out of the U.S.

Things to come in America? Angry illegal migrants storm Pantheon in France, demand citizen papers, jobs and freebies

Newest ‘climate change’ study by Finnish researchers finds NO human effects whatsoever

Clinton-era State Department official headed to prison for taking money, gifts from China

Report: Russia sub involved in deadly fire capable of tapping into, disrupting, global commerce (Video)

Was Russian sub that caught fire designed to cut undersea global Internet cables?

Cybersecurity pros wonder: Will hacked voting machines decide 2020 election?

Bolton blasts NYTimes over fake news report that Trump would ‘settle’ for ‘nuclear freeze’ with North Korea

Trump announces trade ‘cease-fire’ with China, postponing new tariffs as Beijing agrees to buy more U.S. farm products

Democrat, media reaction to Trump-Putin ‘election meddling’ exchange is object lesson in hypocrisy

Learning to speak Persian: How to negotiate with Iran

Here’s why POTUS Trump’s Mexico migrant deal will work: Most Mexican citizens oppose illegal immigration

Drone downing: How many Iranian weapons did Obama and Kerry finance with their ‘nuclear deal?’

Doing more than Democrats: Mexico’s military border deployment swells to 15,000

As European powers urge ‘restraint,’ Trump admin ready to impose massive new sanctions on Iran

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