Immigrant GOP businesswoman to challenge Ocasio-Cortez for her NY seat

POTUS Trump’s pledge to combat deadly opioid epidemic beginning to pay dividends

Notorious Mexican cartel leader Joquin ‘El Chapo’ Guzman sentenced to life plus 30 by U.S. judge

Here we go again: Texas Dem Rep introduces articles of impeachment against POTUS Trump [UPDATED]

CNN celebrated Antifa firebomb attacker as one of ‘the good guys’ during segment praising left-wing ‘activism’

‘Women for Trump’ rally kicks off in Pennsylvania: ‘Four more years!’

Trump admin probing rising anti-Semitism around U.S. as prez hits ‘Squad’ lawmakers over ‘hate’ for Jews

Hey, Obama: Iranian caught trying to smuggle nuclear materials out of the U.S.

Trump pledges to review allegations of ‘treason’ over Google’s alliance with China

NOPE: Minnesota city reinstates ‘Pledge of Allegiance’ after massive backlash

Judicial Watch victory: Kentucky will now remove 250,000 names from outdated voter registration rolls

Trump is right: Dems who ‘hate America’ as founded should turn in their passports and get out

Rush: POTUS Trump wants to make AOC and ‘Squad’ face of Democrat Party; Rachel Maddow takes the bait

Tucker: Antifa has support of ‘respectable Left’ as group factions call for more ‘direct action’ following Tacoma ICE attack

Judicial tyranny: Federal courts now have ‘veto’ and limitless power over presidents and Congress

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