Meet the 24 REPUBLICANS who think you (and the Pentagon) ought to pay for transgender troops’ surgeries

Krauthammer fail: Columnist joins Left in declaring Don Jr. meeting with Russian lawyer ‘collusion’

COLLUSION? Obama’s Justice Dept. let Russian lawyer who met with Donald Jr. into U.S. under special circumstances

Florida cop in trouble — for using wrong PRONOUN with transgender

The REAL swamp: Democrat corruption and foreign collusion under Obama, Hillary, pales in comparison to Trump

Sessions: Criminal aliens drawn to ‘sanctuary cities’

Yes, America, it’s DEMOCRATS who are blocking Trump’s voter fraud commission

Ballistic missile threat growing as potential adversaries upgrade their nuclear and conventional forces: U.S. intel

It’s time for the White House to ignore a Left-wing partisan federal judge over the president’s travel ban

We don’t have national reciprocity for concealed carry because of (wait for it) Paul Ryan

Surprise: Left-wing FEC functionaries withheld documents for YEARS to protect DEMOCRATS

Trump to GOP Senate: ‘I’m waiting’ to sign Obamacare repeal; where is it?

China launches massive new destroyer-class ship as Beijing races to modernize fleet

DHS chief Kelly: Trump admin NOT likely to defend Obama’s ‘Dreamers’ in court, meaning deportation more likely

John Podesta gets DESTROYED by Maria Bartiromo over his RUSSIA connections

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