Trump to order review of national monuments designated by Obama

NOW the Washington Post is worried about the national debt

We called it: Tomahawk cruise missile sub part of U.S. naval forces gathering near Korean peninsula

Goofy UN names Saudi Arabia to head ‘women’s rights’ panel

Trump, Congress ‘fix’ broken VA: New law allows vets to seek private-sector care

D.C. to hold large-scale ‘coordinated terror attack’ drill following ‘Gotham Shield’ in NYC

Once again, Paul Ryan proves to be Trump’s biggest legislative impediment

Grid Down In San Fran, NYC And LA – What Happens When ALL Major Cities Lose Power?

Russia planning world’s largest aircraft carrier – to be ready when they may no longer be needed

Biden as the fool: Former VP smeared Marines with false data over Iraq armored vehicle request

‘Increasingly worried’ Chinese president to Trump: ‘Exercise restrain’ over North Korea

Fox News’ Hannity threatens to sue accuser who said she turned down sexual advance

OUT: Trump removes Obama’s pro-gun control surgeon general

Trump administration gets tough over budget border wall funding: Do it or risk Obamacare subsidies

Trump to skip incestuous White House correspondents dinner to hold rally

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