Obama stuffed a year’s worth of regulations into his final two months in office

Looks like Trump wins in the U.S.-Mexico ‘debate’ over renegotiating NAFTA

Collapse: Government spending in the Age of Obama to set debt records

China already attempting to strong-arm Trump but he isn’t going to budge

Trump to ‘make American energy great again’ as he signs measures advancing Keystone XL, Dakota pipelines

Blacks now want to take over the party of slavery and the KKK

Obama Era: Prez had lower average approval ratings than Nixon, Bush

New shock poll: 1 in 3 Californians now support secession

Now that Obama’s daughters are in the clear, pathetic media launch attacks on Trump children

Promises kept: Trump wants to cut 75 percent of regulations and ‘maybe more’

These are some energy policies Trump can immediately repeal

Trump’s plans to rebuild the military hampered by Obama-era manpower shortage

Now the ‘mainstream media’ has us fighting over inauguration attendees

Leftist gets away with SHOOTING someone he claimed was a ‘racist’ at U of Washington

Most protestors arrested in D.C. on Inauguration Day face felony charges, 10 years in prison

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