Dem Hypocrisy: Schumer pledges to block Trump Supreme Court picks; GOP should eliminate filibuster rule

GOP seeks to fast-track Obamacare repeal using method Democrats used to pass it

Obama sends U.S. Special Forces to Russian border in latest effort to undermine Trump

House drops ethics panel ‘reform’ after Trump criticizes

Eurasian group warns 2017 most politically volatile year since WWII

Majority Republicans seek to aggressively undo 8 years of Obama

Trump team seeks agency records on border barriers, surveillance

Assange: Russia did NOT give WikiLeaks DNC, Clinton data; Obama trying to ‘de-legitimize’ election

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Gallup: Conservatives outnumber liberals in USA

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‘Fake News’: Journalists exposed by WikiLeaks as having close ties to Democrats to cover Trump White House

Former CIA agent: ‘No evidence’ Russia ‘hacked U.S. election’

Kerry’s slam against Israel on his way out the door is like his trashing of American soldiers at the beginning of his career

Attorney General Sessions will keep busy just closing down ‘sanctuary cities’

Right-to-work laws on the rise with more states set to pass following November elections

Sinister Left-wing media out to sow more hate and division with fake ‘KKK documentary’

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