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Flashpoint Intelligence Review

Flashpoint Intelligence Review is a weekly analysis of indicators pertaining to rising political instability and the potential for disruption to the civil society.

We analyze trends involving political and societal instability; the situation along the U.S. Southwest border; threats to the economic/financial sectors, and threats to domestic critical infrastructure. In addition, the Political Intelligence Review includes links to the week’s most significant prepper reporting.

No country is immune to civil strife and unrest, and as we’re increasingly seeing, that includes the United States. What happens next is not “anybody’s guess,” but can be forecast using established structured analytical techniques. That’s what makes Political Intelligence Review so valuable, especially in this climate of fake news; we rely on professional analysis — not rumors, conjecture, conspiracy theories, or one-sided media groupthink.

Eventually, this report will only be available each week only to paid subscribers at a very affordable monthly rate so as to ensure maximum readership and reach. But for the next several weeks we wanted to offer this product for free to The National Sentinel mailing list subscribers (to sign up for the daily TNS newsletter featuring all of the day’s blockbuster stories, click here).

We want you to read it, enjoy it, evaluate it, and give us your feedback about what you like, what you believe could make this product better, and any other pertinent, helpful comments.

Thank you in advance for your assistance in helping us develop and evaluate this exciting new intelligence product for those who want to stay ahead of the most important threats to the civil society. And of course, we hope you eventually become a subscriber.

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